Toys “R” Us Crib Recall – 96,000 Cribs Affected

In April of 2009, 96,000 Jardine cribs that were being sold at Toy “R” Us, Babies “R” Us, KidsWorld, and Geoffrey stores across the nation were recalled due to safety issues. Children had actually been able to break the slats on seven different Jardine crib models. This posed a serious safety issue; the newly formed gaps posed the risk of entrapment and strangling.

This is the third time in one year that Toys “R” Us has had to remove cribs from its shelves due to a recall. In January, Jardine recalled 56,450 cribs, and in June 2008, they recalled an astounding 320,000 of their unsafe products.

Crib Safety

Cribs should be a safe place in which parents are comfortable leaving their babies unattended for short periods of time. When cribs have manufacturing or design defects, they no longer provide a secure environment for these small, vulnerable infants. Cribs need to be able to safely contain their occupants. Slats should be close enough together to prevent children from falling out or even sticking body parts outside of the structure. These beds should be sturdy and stable. Children should not be able to break off any pieces or tip the crib over.

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