Pool Drain Injuries

Because pool drain injuries are so rare, many people are unaware of how dangerous improperly covered drains can be. These powerful features, though necessary, can be extremely dangerous if swimmers are not adequately protected from their strong pull. In fact, pool drain injuries can be so extreme and devastating that in 2007, the US government passed a law mandating that all public pools install federally-approved drains into their systems by December, 2008.

Horrific Consequences for Children

Pool drains may not seem like dangerous in-pool features, but they actually suck the water down into them with a great deal of power. If their strong flows are not controlled with the proper cover, they can suck children up against their openings and trap them underwater. Some of the most serious dangers posed by poorly-grated pool drains include the following:

  • Hair entrapment – hair could get sucked into and entangled with the drain, posing a drowning threat
  • Body part entrapment – body parts such as arms, legs, and torsos can become trapped against the strong drain current, posing a drowning threat
  • Evisceration/Disembowelment – pool drain flow can be strong enough to actually pull a child’s intestines out, resulting in a devastating and life-threatening injury

Children in particular run a higher risk of suffering pool drain injuries since they are smaller than adults and lack the strength to pull away from the drain’s flow. Children are also less likely to know about or understand how dangerous pool drains can be.

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