Mattel $2.3 Million Settlement

p>Many may remember the series of Mattel product recalls that occurred in 2007. Between the late summers of 2006 and 2007, the company had imported into the United States a large number of toys coated in dangerous amounts of lead-based paint. These popular items were recalled in 2007 because their dangers surfaced and became known to the general public. The products taken back by the recall included the following items:

  • “Sarge” toy car
  • Barbie accessories
  • Bongo Band toys
  • The Geotrax locomotive
  • Go Diego Go Boat toys

The CPSC fined Mattel, Inc. $2.3 million – the largest product violation fine in its history – on the basis that Mattel knowingly defied the 1978 federal lead-level law. The settlement resulted in such a high payment in order to deter Mattel and other child product manufacturers from making the same, negligent decisions in the future.

The Dangers of Lead

Though lead poisoning is harmful to everyone, children in particular may see severe and permanently disabling side effects from this danger. The temporary, beginning effects of lead exposure include headaches, fatigue, stomach and joint pain, and moodiness. However, the long-term effects have the potential to cause permanent learning disabilities, a stunted growth, high blood pressure and neurological damage. Because children are in such a delicate stage of their development, these mental and physical injuries may cause lasting problems.

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