Children in the Kitchen

Kitchens are notoriously dangerous areas of the home, especially for young children. These rooms house a number of hot, heavy, and sharp items that could cause serious injury if used improperly. Because children tend to be curious and inexperienced with handling such tools and appliances, they can easily be hurt in the kitchen.

Protect Your Children

Many parents and supervisors try to allow their children to help out in the kitchen so that they can watch the kids and get dinner ready at the same time. While it is great to have these youngsters help with this household chore, it is extremely important for them to be kept safe while doing so.

By following these steps, you can safely spend time with your children and prepare a meal at the same time:

  • Warn your children of the hot surfaces in the kitchen, including the oven, stove, and all items in or on them
  • Be patient with your children. Hounding them will only cause them to be nervous and they run a higher chance of hurting themselves
  • Keep raw food away from your children
  • Turn all pan and pot handles in toward the stove so they cannot be accidentally bumped
  • Don’t allow your children to use dangerous equipment such as fryers, knives, blenders, and other appliances
  • Supervise your children at all times while they are helping

It is the responsibility of the children’s parent or supervisor to ensure that these steps are taken and the kids are kept well away from kitchen dangers.

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