Child Firework Injuries

During the summer – and especially around Independence Day – you may see fireworks stands popping up around and outside of your city. When they are used safely, fireworks can be great sources of fun and entertainment for the whole family. However, when these products malfunction, when a child is allowed to play with them, and when proper caution is not exercised, fireworks can be extremely dangerous.

Children Are the Most Frequent Victims

Every year, thousands of people suffer fireworks-related injuries during the months of June and July. Of these victims, one out of every three is a child under the age of 15, and approximately 47% of all accidents result in injury to people under the age of 20. These injuries most commonly affect the head, eyes, and hands.

In order to reduce this high number of youth-related incidents, parents and supervisors need to exercise the utmost caution when setting off fireworks. Young children should not be allowed near fireworks, and children allowed to play with sparklers should be very closely supervised. All children in the presence of fireworks should be warned of the dangers they pose.

Fireworks stand operators also have the responsibility of refusing to sell fireworks to children under the state-mandated minimum age. The minimum age of purchase varies from state to state, although most commonly it is 16 years.

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