Baby Stroller Recall Lawyer

In January of 2010, consumers woke up to some very sobering news. That’s when they learned about the largest stroller recall in history. Graco recalled more than 1 million Baby Strollers involving as many as 64 different models. The strollers in question were sold between October 2004 and February 2008 at various stores that included Target, Wal-Mart, Babies “R” Us, Toys “R” Us, Kmart, and Sears and included more than 60 different models.

Fast forward to August of 2010 and parents and caregivers learned of yet another stroller recall. This time, more than 3000 double strollers were recalled by Lan Enterprises. The problem with those models involved something called a frame latch above the front wheels. The company issued a statement, saying the stroller can actually collapse when it hits an object. In some cases this has caused bruises and scrapes to children. In fact, the company was notified of more than 180 incidents where the frame latch failed.

With the Graco recall, the issue centered on the possibility of severe finger injuries, including amputations. The company along with the CPSC said the danger had to do with an uncovered hinge on the canopy of the Passage, Alano, and Spree Graco stroller models

The Graco and Lan Enterprises double stroller recalls were just two examples of potential problems with baby strollers. In 2000, Maclaren recalled 1 million umbrella strollers. The recall was prompted because of a familiar theme. Maclaren said the recall came about because of a possibly hazard to children’s fingers. The company said a hinge mechanism could actually cause a child’s finger to be cut or worse yet, amputated as the stroller is being opened or shut. The CPSC as well as the company received complaints of more than a dozen reports of injuries to kids dating back to 1999, when the model was first introduced.

Other Stroller Issues

Besides collapsing and hinge issues, another potential problem with some strollers has to do with possible entrapment. The CPSC warns parents that it is not a good idea to leave a child alone in a stroller. Experts say a baby or toddler can actually slip into a leg opening, get trapped and actually die.

Baby Stroller Injury Statistics

Every year as millions of parents gear up for a new addition to their family, they have a long list of things to do and products to purchase including baby strollers, but it’s important to remember that as with almost any product, injuries can occur. For example, annually, as many as 13,000 children under age three get hurt in stroller accidents. Unfortunately, about two children die each year from stroller-related incidents.

Children in strollers need to be watched carefully and parents as well as caregivers must be cognizant of baby products and their potential hazards. Just because they are in a confined area does not mean they cannot get hurt. Children can actually get entangled in a stroller’s leg opening doesn’t mean they can’t get hurt.

Child deaths have been reported when children became entangled in the various openings after somehow finding themselves not properly protected or belted in. In some extreme cases, the child has been strangled while others succumbed to asphyxiation because they were simply not positioned in the proper way when placed in the stroller.

Studies have shown that many of the injuries to children associated with stroller accidents were to the head and face. A majority of children admitted to the hospital were treated for cranial trauma, as well as lacerations and bruises on other parts of the body.

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