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Privately-owned swimming pools are more common now than ever before. At the same time, community swimming pools remain popular attractions in neighborhoods of all kinds. These pools allow friends and families to spend enjoyable time together and get a break from summer heat. However, they also have a tragic downside.

Each year, about 2,000 children are rushed to emergency rooms for swimming pool-related injuries. In addition, another 300 children drown in pools. If your child been injured in a swimming pool accident due to another party’s negligence, child swimming pool injury lawyer Jeffrey Killino can help.

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Anyone who owns a pool, public or private, has a very important responsibility to make sure it is not a danger to children. All pools should be adequately guarded against neighborhood children who may fall in, and equipped with functioning safety features. Additionally, public pools should be closely watched during business hours by trained lifeguards.

When these basic steps are not taken, the results are often tragic.

The Consequences of Swimming Pool Injuries

The most dangerous injuries associated with swimming pools are submersion injuries, those caused by being underwater for too long. Children who survive these injuries can suffer from brain injuries caused by lack of oxygen. This brain damage can cause life-long impairment in many ways.

Submersion injuries are not the only risks of a swimming pool. Cuts, bruises, and skull fractures are also common, especially when children are allowed to run near the water. When one of these injuries causes a child to fall into the water, the outcomes can be especially severe.

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