How Essential Oils in Your Home Can Harm Your Child

Just because they’re natural, doesn’t mean they are safe… If you have ever browsed the selection of essential oils at your natural foods store or local farmers’ market, it is hard to miss the multiple little vials filled with strong-smelling oil. Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from the flowers, leaves, seed, bark, roots or […]

Unstable Dressers: A Potential Deadly Danger

Modus Furniture Recalls Unstable Dressers for Tip-Over and Entrapment Hazards Modus Furniture of Los Angeles, California, has recalled hundreds of unstable nine-drawer dressers because of tip-over and entrapment hazards that could cause the injury or death of a child. Our Child Injury Lawyers have successfully represented the victims of recalled and defective products, earning national recognition for […]

Baby Sleeper Recalls Mount, But Too Many Parents Remain Unaware of Danger

More than a year after the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play was implicated in nearly three dozen deaths, setting off a wave of baby sleeper recalls, children continue to die in infant inclined sleepers and far too many parents remain unaware of their risks. Our Defective Infant Sleeper Lawyers have a record of success representing the […]

Island Wear Recalls Umbrella Strollers Sold by Ocean City, MD Retailers

Hundreds of umbrella strollers sold by several Ocean City, Maryland, retailers last year are being recalled after the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) determined the products pose a choking and fall hazard. Our Child Injury Lawyers have successfully represented the victims of defective strollers and other recalled baby products, earning national recognition for their […]

Baby Walkers Sold Exclusively on Amazon Recalled for Fall and Entrapment Hazards

If your little one enjoys toddling around in a baby walker purchased at, you should check the product label right now to ensure it isn’t among the thousands of dangerous walkers recently recalled for posing fall and entrapment hazards. Defective infant walkers and other unsafe children’s products can cause severe injuries and wrongful death. […]

Child Drownings Spike Across United States

With coronavirus forcing thousands of families to cancel summer vacations, swimming pool sales are surging as Americans look to their backyards for some socially distant fun. But with child drownings steadily trending upwards across the United States, safety experts are worried these aquatic staycations could turn tragic for far too many kids this year. Our […]

Baby Neck Floats: Safe Swimming or a Deathtrap in the Pool?

Driven by a surge in adorable photos on Instagram and other social media outlets, baby neck floats have become popular poolside accessories in recent years. It seems few parents can resist the thought of their little one drifting effortlessly across the water on a hot summer day. But according to safety experts, these donut-shaped inflatables […]

Parental Warning: Trendy Teething Jewelry Could Harm Your Child!

Most parents are willing to try just about anything to soothe a teething child. But according to a recent warning from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), you’d be wise to avoid one increasingly popular remedy — trendy teething jewelry that won’t provide much in the way of relief and could actually expose your […]

Keeping Your Kids Safe at Home During Coronavirus

While creating a safe environment for your kids in crucial at all times, there is a heightened risk now. You’re probably scrambling to find ways to replace your child’s daycare or school activities. If you’re ‘self-isolating’ at home because of the coronavirus, it’s difficult to focus on both your kids and work. “It’s a really […]

Is Your Children’s Bedroom a Danger Zone?

Given the spate of dresser recalls, your children’s bedroom could be like a ship’s cabin adrift on high seas pounded with gale force winds. If their room is furnished with Ikea, Home Depot or Safavieh dressers, anchoring furnishings to prevent tip-over incidents—which have been linked to many deaths and countless injuries—may not be enough. The […]