Buy Tramadol (Ultram) Online to Treat Severe Pain

Buy Tramadol (Ultram) Online to Treat Severe Pain

Tramadol (Ultram)

Tramadol is a synthetic analgesic that belongs to the group of opiod drugs. It affects CNS and spinal cord, causing a hyperpolarization of membranes and inhibiting the conduct of pain impulses.

The drug provides a powerful analgesic effect that lasts a long time. It activates opiate receptors in the brain and gastrointestinal tract, slows down the destruction and stabilizes the concentration of catecholamines in the central nervous system.

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What is Tramadol used for?

Indications for the use of Tramadol are strong painful sensations associated with:

  • manifestation of neuralgia
  • post-operative period
  • growth of malignancies in the body
  • physical injuries (mainly, fractures)
  • exacerbation of internal diseases, primarily those of vascular and inflammatory etiology
  • different diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Another indication for the use of Tramadol can be a strong persistent cough.

Instructions for use

According to the instructions for use, the pills of Tramadol (Ultram) should be swallowed whole with a little water or dissolved in one glass of water. The drug can be taken regardless of the mealtime.

This pharmaceutical form shouldn’t be prescribed to children weighing less than 25 kg and those under 14 years of age.

The drug dose should be adjusted depending on intensity of pain syndrome and patient’s sensitivity. For pain relief, you need to choose the minimum effective therapeutic dose. The duration of treatment course is also determined individually, but the drug shouldn’t be taken longer than the period justified from a therapeutic point of view.

If the long-term treatment with Tramadol is required, patient’s condition and justification for further use of the drug should be assessed carefully and regularly at short intervals.


According to the instruction, Tramadol is contraindicated:

  • Together with MAO inhibitors
  • During pregnancy
  • If there is a risk of suicide
  • In case of propensity for psychoactive substance abuse
  • In pediatrics: under the age of 14 – for oral administration, under the age of 1– for parenteral administration
  • In case of breastfeeding (for a long use; however, the lactation shouldn’t be stopped in case of a single use of the drug)
  • In case of poisoning with alcohol, sleeping drugs, narcotic analgesics and other psychoactive medications
  • In case of hypersensitivity to the active (tramadol hydrochloride) or auxiliary components of Tramadol

The analgesic is prescribed with special caution to people suffering from intracranial hypertension, addiction, traumatic brain injury, mental confusion, abdominal pain of unclear origin and epileptic syndrome.

Drug interaction

Tramadol (Ultram) increases the therapeutic effect of the medications that have a depressing effect on CNS. These include sleeping drugs, sedatives, anesthetic agents and tranquilizers.

Such substances as carbamazepine and barbiturates reduce the analgesic effect of Tramadol and reduce the duration of therapeutic action. Due to the fact that carbamazepine activates the metabolic processes, the risk of developing seizures increases.

Anxiolytics enhance analgesic effect. Naloxone is introduced to eliminate analgesia from an opioid analgesic. Quinidine has the ability to increase concentration of Tramadol in plasma. The activity of the drug is reduced in combination with psychostimulants and analgesics. Simultaneous use of Tramadol and MAO inhibitors can lead to the risk of developing serotonin syndrome.

Symptoms of overdose

During the treatment, you need to strictly adhere to the dosage prescribed. Otherwise, it can lead to the dangerous symptoms that may not only aggravate the situation, but also kill the patient. Such signs of overdose can include the following clinical situations:

  • come
  • mental confusion
  • seizures
  • hypotension

Wrong use of the drug can lead to respiratory depression. In some cases, patients have very dilated pupils. A very dangerous complication is tachycardia.

A strong overdose leads to central nervous system damage. In such cases, patient may have a shallow breathing. Naloxone is introduced to eliminate such states. Diazepam is prescribed in case of seizures.