Window Blinds Can Pose Hazard to Children

Window blinds can pose a very dangerous hazard to young children.  As young children crawl or walk around the floor of homes or other areas,  they tend to ‘play’ with what they have access to.  Over the past few years,  one of the hazards that many have not considered is windows blinds.

Windows blinds can pose a hazard to young children because of the loop pull cords that is used to open or close the blinds.  These cords have been reported to cause strangulation in some children who come across them.  Safety measures have occurred over the last few years to better address this problem,  however that does not mean that the problem has been eliminated.  Many blinds are old and do not have the latest standards,  still posing a risk. Further, if a recall took place in the past, many families may be unaware of the recall or of the dangers of the product.

If you have a young child,  verify that your window blinds are safe.

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