Third Major Crib Recall in Three Months!

Just last Fall I blogged about how the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled more than two million drop-side cribs, manufactured by Stork Craft, Inc. because of a suffocation hazard. Now comes word of yet another major crib problem that could put children at risk.

Today the CPSC announced the recall of the Generation 2 World and ChildESIGNS. The recall is the third major recall in as many months and includes 500,000 units. The problem centers around two defects. The CPSC says gaps might actually trap children, causing them to suffocate or strangle. The other problem stems from plastic hardware that can break. If this happens, it can force the crib's side to detach and drop. It should be noted that this company is now defunct.

Over the past three years, three deaths have been reported to the CPSC involving the Generation 2 Worldwide and "ChildESIGNS" cribs. Back in the Summer of 2007, an 8 month old infant from Newark, Ohio because of suffocation associated with this particular crib brand. But two other deaths go back much further than that. In October of 2003 another infant was killed after suffocating. A year before that, a 6 month old from Virginia died in the same manner. What's even scarier is that we are just learning about the safety hazard and the deaths of three innocent children NOW.

The agency warns parents not to fix the problems but to contact the store where the crib was purchased.

Last month, the CPSC announced the recall of 20 models of Dorel Asia cribs. This particular brand also has drop down sides. This 635,000 unit recall was spurred after a 6 month old boy died. All these recalls have a common theme. They involve cribs with drop sides and many were manufactured in China.

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