Four Child Product Recalls

Periodically, The Consumer Product Safety Commission issues recalls on various products, including children's products. Over the past few months, I've blogged about everything from defective cribs to unsafe high chairs deemed unsafe. But it's not everyday that the CPSC issues four separate recalls involving products used by kids. On Tuesday, February 2, 2010 The CPSC […]

Lead in Chinese Jewelry for Kids

We have an alert to tell you about. An investigation is underway by U.S product safety officials following a disclosure that links a toxic substance to children’s jewelry imported from China. The investigation comes about following an article by the Associated Press which tested and documented how some Chinese Manufacturers replaced cadmium for lead in […]

Dart Gun recall/asphyxiation

We are now at the height of the holiday toy-buying season and as parents scurry to buy last minute gifts for their children, there is word of another toy recall that could cause serious harm. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced that the “Action Team” Toy Dart Gun Set is being voluntarily recalled. […]

Zhu Zhu Hamster, Mister Squiggles, Potentially Hazardous

As parents scramble to find that perfect gift for their kids this holiday season, a consumer group says one of the hottest toys on the market right now carries high amounts of a potentially hazardous substance. GoodGuide says during testing of the Zhu Zhu Hamsters toy, they found unsafe levels of antimony. The federal standard […]

2009 Research: 1 in 3 Toys Still Contains Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic or Mercury!

The holiday season is upon us and just as parents are hitting the stores searching for toys for their kids, new alarming research is out concerning lead in toys.  The findings come from The Ecology Center, a Michigan-based nonprofit organization.Today it released its 3rd Annual Consumer Guide to Toxic Chemicals in Toys. Researchers tested nearly […]

2009 Worst Toy List

The holiday buying season is upon us and soon parents will be hitting the stores in droves, searching for all those cute, cuddly, fun and exciting toys for their kids-but buyer beware. Every year the consumer group W.A.T.C.H (world against toys causing harm) comes out with their list of the year’s worst toys and 2009 […]

Manufacturers Must Make Safer Products

Toy manufacturers have a certain responsibility that is important for parents and children. From a manufacturers perspective, a toy should be safe for the parents benefit, so that the parent can have a peace of mind when their child is playing with a specific. A toy should also be safe for the benefit of the […]

Stores Opening that Promote Child Safety

After numerous reports of the dangers of many toys, parents have become more aware of their child’s safety. The dangers of lead paint in many toys has been the top fear among parents.  To address this,  some stores across the nation are beginning to open up that hope to promote child safety products and toys. […]

Child Safety Bill May Hurt Children?

A bill that was passed in the hopes of controlling the massive use of lead in children’s toys may make children unsafe in one specific area. The ban of lead in a ‘child’s toy’ has had an impact on child ATVs and dirt bikes.  Many of these vehicles are designed for children with safety features,  […]