Bus Accident Under Investigation, Kills One

Police are currently investigating the exact cause of a bus accident near Wadsworth, Il. Dozens of elementary students were on board the bus at the time of the crash, and one driver was killed. The accident occurred when a school bus driver reportedly ran a red light, crashing into two SUVs in the middle of […]

Injuries in Gym Class Increase for Children

A recent study that was released found that the number of injuries in gym class in schools across the nation has increased nearly 150% from 1997 to 2007.  This increase has many factors with it causing this significant rise. One of the main beliefs for the increase is the number of children in class.  Class […]

Parents Upset at Injury to Son at School

Parents of a elementary student in North Carolina are upset about an injury that there son received while at school.  The parents are very upset at a teacher involved, and are demanding that the school district take action. The incident occurred during gym class, when the gym teacher reportedly threw a dodge-ball at a student.  […]

State Supreme Court Has Ruling on Child Injuries

The Iowa State Supreme Court has had a ruling in a case involving injuries to a child. The case revolves around an incident when an 8 year-old girl was attending a minor league baseball game with her school.  As a part of attending the game,  signing a permission slip was required. The slip waived the […]