Recent Child Product Recalls

In the midst of all the dangers of our modern world, household hazards can be a major issue for you as a parent, especially when the mobility and curiosity of a young child is taken into consideration. Faulty or ill-made toys and products are not only a frustration and inconvenience but also a direct danger […]

Similac recalls 5 Million cans of infant powder formula because of health risks

The makers of Similac powder infant formula, along with the Food and Drug Administration are issuing a recall for a very disturbing reason. Abbott Laboratories says it stems from what company representatives describe as the chance of a small common beetle in the product. The recall includes as many as 5 million cans, but only […]

Kellogg Cereal Recall

Usually, my blogs center around children’s products, such as cribs, strollers and toys, but today I’m writing about a food product that is probably on the breakfast tables of millions of American families.
 The Kellogg Cereal company is voluntarily recalling as many as 28 million boxes of cereals. The reason stems from an unusual flavor […]

Nestle Cookies Recalled

Officials at Nestle has instituted a recall of some of the Nestle cookie dough products after many individuals have gotten sick after ingesting the product.  The individuals got sick from Ecoli 0157. Initially,  officials believed that it was another product linked to the Ecoli outbreak,  however an investigation determined that Nestle cookie dough was the […]