Crib Tents — Still Posing Safety Hazards

For months now, I’ve been telling you about certain products and the potential dangers they can pose to children, whether they are infants, babies or toddlers. That can hold true for a host of products including strollers, toys and cribs. Now you add crib “tents” to the list. Crib tents are basically mesh domes that […]

Infant and Toddler Hammocks Recalled

Over the past few months, I've been blogging about various examples of recalled children's products–everything from cereal and cribs to strollers and toy jewelry. Today, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued yet another recall involving a product, specifically designed for children. This time it's baby Hammocks from a company called Mama Little Helper, based out […]

Pottery Barn Kids Recall Bunk Beds

If it seems like I just blogged about a recall involving Pottery Barn Kids, that's because I did. The company recently recalled more than 80,000 drop side cribs. Unfortunately we're receiving word of yet another recall involving a product from Pottery Barn Kids. On August 3, 2010, the company voluntarily recalled more than 405 bunk […]

Pottery Barn Issues Recall on Drop-Side Cribs

We have an important recall to tell you about. The store known for hip home accessories is recalling more than 80,000 drop-side cribs. The July 14th voluntary recall from Pottery Barn Kids and the Consumer Product Safety Commission was announced because of a risk of falls as well as entrapment and possibly suffocation. The recall […]

Crib Recall C & T International Sorelle

Just a few days ago, I blogged about a huge recall involving cribs that posed a strangulation and a suffocation hazard. Now comes word of yet another crib recall. This time it involves C&T International/Sorelle cribs. On Thursday May 6, 2010 The U.S Consumer Product Safety 
Commission recalled as many as 170,000 Drop-Side Cribs. 

The […]

Government Recalls Thousands of Simplicity and Graco Cribs

We have an important recall to tell you about. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of of Simplicity and Graco Cribs. The CPSC warns that babies are risk because the cribs pose a suffocation and strangulation hazard. The CPSC is reporting that at least one death associated with […]

Third Major Crib Recall in Three Months!

Just last Fall I blogged about how the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled more than two million drop-side cribs, manufactured by Stork Craft, Inc. because of a suffocation hazard. Now comes word of yet another major crib problem that could put children at risk. Today the CPSC announced the recall of the Generation 2 World and […]

Dorel Asia Recalls Cribs over Strangulation and Suffocation Hazard

We have yet another recall involving cribs to tell you about. Dorel Asia is recalling as many as 635,000 cribs because they pose strangulation and suffocation hazards. At least one infant has died and 10 injuries have been reported. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Dorel Asia SRL, of Barbados announced the […]

Amby Baby Motion Beds

Just a few weeks ago, I blogged about the biggest recall in U.S. history involving cribs. Now comes word from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of yet another potentially dangerous children’s product being recalled. This time it’s a baby hammock. The name of the product in question is Amby Baby Motion Beds. At issue […]

Stork Craft Crib Recall

It's happened again. There has been yet another crib recall. In fact it's the biggest crib recall in U.S. history and it is linked to four suffocation deaths. More than 2 million drop-side cribs made by Stork Craft Manufacturing of Canada are being recalled. Sales of the cribs in question date back to 1993 and nearly 150,000 […]