Treating Cerebral Palsy: Retraining and Relaxing the Muscles

Cerebral Palsy is a serious and devastating physical illness. It is a physical disability that causes movement difficulties and muscle stiffness. It left 16 year old Adam Leon unable to move his right arm, which is a common occurrence for those who are diagnosed with the disease. Due to a stroke that occurred before and […]

A Twin Dream: Twins Player meets Twins with Cerebral Palsy

MINNEAPOLIS (KARE) — Twins fans come in all shapes and sizes. In this case, little Braden and Dathan Miller are twins themselves! Born just a minute apart, the five-year-olds came with some surprises of their own. ‘It was a shock. We weren’t expecting that at all,” Tina Miller, their mother, when asked about the twin’s […]

Focused therapy could add grey matter to brains of children with cerebral palsy

Research recently published in Pediatrics journal shows that a specific form of rehabilitative therapy  may “remodel” the brain by creating additional grey matter, specifically in the brains of children with cerebral palsy. Gray matter is a portion of the brain and central nervous system described as the “brain’s computer chip” by co-author Gitendra Uswatte. The […]