Children Being Left in Hot Cars

Summer has just begun and already we are experiencing sweltering temperatures. For many people this is simply the best time of year, especially for kids, but as the vacation seasons begins, it’s important to remember that children can be put at risk by being left behind or trapped in a hot car. Parents just don’t […]

Fatal School Bus Crash Tragedy

Over the past few months I’ve been telling you about the risks associated with various kinds of products, specifically ones targeted toward kids. This blog is different in that it does not mention products; instead it focuses on the issue of school bus safety. You may have heard about a recent school bus crash outside […]

Many Child Injuries from Vehicles in Reverse

Many child injuries occur when a vehicle is backing up and in reverse and strikes the child.  This occurs so frequently because children are so small that the driver of the vehicle is unable to see the child behind them. These injuries are particularly bad because many times the child is completely ran over because […]

Driver Flees After Striking Baby in Stroller

Indianapolis police are on the search right now for a driver who struck a child in a stroller and an 18 year-old male.  After striking the pedestrians from behind,  the driver fled the scene. The baby that was struck in the stroller is a six month old girl.  The girl is currently listed in critical […]

Day Care Driver Sentenced for Death of Boy

A day care driver in Milwaukee has recently been sentenced to 15 months in prison following a trial in which he plead guilty to the charges against him.  The man faced charges for an incident that took place in April in which he left a young boy in the day car vehicle by accident. The […]

Important to Look for Children When Reversing in Vehicle

One of the most common types of accidents that injure many children each year is being hit by a car. In particular, children are more often seriously injured when they are hit by a car going in reverse. When going in reverse,  the angle which the individual is looking at makes it difficult in spotting […]

Child Injured in Parade Accident

A young girl was injured over the weekend during a 4th of July parade.  The child was watching a parade with her family in Enon, Iowa when the accident took place. The girl was injured when a trailer in the parade ran her over.  The child was airlifted to a childrens hospital to be treated […]

Be Careful When Backing Vehicle Up

Many people are negligent when they back their vehicles up in busy areas. For example, if you go to a shopping center or mall.  When leaving the parking lot, an individual may back up without properly looking behind the vehicle to ensure that it is clear. Many times people are looking for other cars but […]