Sleep Positioner Warning From CPSC and FDA

I’ve written blogs about crib recalls, as well as dangerous toys and other products specifically designed for babies. Now I’m adding “sleep positioners” to the list. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Food and Drug Administration have now both issued warnings to parents and caregivers about these specific products. The two agencies as well as the well-regarded pediatricians group say sleep positioners can actually lead to more harm than good.

The groups say the products can actually entrap and suffocate babies. Parents are being cautioned to stop using sleep positioners and stores should refrain from offering them up for sale to consumers. The FDA and CPSC also urged manufacturers to simply stop making them. With that said, companies such as Babies R Us, Toys R Us and Target are now planning to stop selling the products on the web as well in their brick and mortar stores.

Safety Hazards

The CPSC reports that for more than a decade, sleep positioners have sadly been associated with as many as 12 deaths. The infants who died were between the ages of one and four months.

The products are generally made with what are referred to as foam bolsters. This is supposed to help keep the baby in one position, but the problem comes when babies start to move around and basically find themselves in an unsafe position. When this occurs, an infant can actually suffocate or get trapped between the sleep positioner and part of the crib or other infant resting product, such as a bassinet.

Types of Sleep Positioners

There are basically a couple of types of sleep positioners that are being called into issue. One is described as having a flat mat with side bolsters, while the other has what is known as wedge mats, also with side bolsters. The issue with these products is that the makers claim they keep infants safe by preventing them from rolling onto their stomachs, thus cutting down on the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. The problem, however is that the FDA never said a sleep positioner can actually demonstrate this. Additionally, there have been no scientific proof to back up this claim.

Joint Warning

It should be noted that this warning comes from both the FDA and the CPSC and indicates the seriousness of this potential baby hazard. Although no official recall has been issued, both agencies have made it clear that these types of products should be taken off the market because of the danger they can pose.

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