Important Recall Notice: Fisher Price “Rock ‘N Play” Infant Sleepers are Off the Shelf

The Child Injury Firm has an important recall notice for consumers.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recalled the Fisher Price “Rock ‘N Play” Infant sleeper following reports of mold in the product.

According to the CPSC, the mold present in the infant sleeper can cause respiratory illness, breathing problems, and infections in infants sleeping in the unit. Mold may not be present upon purchase, but is reportedly growing after purchase and set-up.

Fisher-Price is the product’s manufacturer and has been cooperative with the CPSC’s effort to inspect the units and determine the cause of the mold. More than 600 reports of mold on the unit were received. Additionally, 16 consumers came forward to push for recall, claiming that mold caused their infants to break out in hives, cough, or have other respiratory issues.

Unit Description

All “Rock ‘N Play” Infant sleepers have been recalled for further inspection. The product is designed to hold a baby up to 25 pounds while napping. The metal frame rocks a soft plastic seat, and is covered with a multi-patterned fabric cover.

The unit was manufactured in China, and distributed both throughout the U.S. in mass retail stores and online since September 2009. The sleeper cost between $50 and $85 at time of purchase. Currently, the units still in retail stores have not been recalled; only the units involved in the consumer reports will be investigated. This recall effects approximately 800,000 units.

Check your product

To determine if your unit is included in the recall, check for signs of dark brown, black, or grey mold spots beneath the seat cushion. If mold is present in your product, immediately discontinue use of the product as it is hazardous to your infant’s health. The CPSC has encouraged consumers to contact the manufacturer by phone (800-432-5437, 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. ET Mon-Fri) or via the web ( for more information and instructions on cleaning the unit.

Protect your child’s health

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