Recent Child Product Recalls

In the midst of all the dangers of our modern world, household hazards can be a major issue for you as a parent, especially when the mobility and curiosity of a young child is taken into consideration. Faulty or ill-made toys and products are not only a frustration and inconvenience but also a direct danger to your children. Please be aware of the following recalls and the hazards associated with them.

Guidecraft has recalled over 1,800 Play Theaters in the United States. The Theater, which stands 4 feet high and 3 feet wide and weighs 46 pounds, reportedly tips over easily and can trap a child underneath it. The child trapped in the original reported incident suffered bruises and scrapes as a result. The specific model recalled is model number G51062; this number is listed on bottom side of the theater crossbar, as well as in the instructions for assembly. This toy was sold between July 2010 and April 2011 through and other various websites and print catalogs. If you purchased this recalled item, you can contact the company by phone at (888) 824-1308 or visit to arrange for a refund.

Due to an incorrect label, Jammy Sammy Strawberry Jam & Peanut Butter Snack Size Sandwich bars have been recalled. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, some of the individual packages were labeled as another Jammy Sammy product, including the ingredient list for that specific item. This label incorrectly left off the presence of peanuts in the sandwich bar, thus posing a high threat to those with peanut allergies. No injuries have been reported to the snack’s maker, Nest Collective, at this time. Jammy Sammy Sandwich bars were sold nationwide at a variety of retailers. Consumers should return the bars immediately for a refund, or seek medical attention if ill as a result. The bars can be identified by the following UPC code: 89676600116-6. If needed, please contact Nest Collective by phone at (866) 362-1562 or by e-mail at

International Playthings has recalled its entire line of Tumplekins toy vehicles and sets after consumers reported a fault in one item of the line. According to the report, the wooden, brightly colored toy broke into small sharp pieces during play, thus posing a serious threat to young children. Despite a high risk of lacerations and a choking hazard, no actual injuries have been reported at this time. The toys were sold at various toy stores, online and variety merchandise stores between March and December 2011.  The line, which is manufactured in China, includes the following pieces: a fire truck (T05005), school bus (T05006), off-roader (T05004), roadster (T05003), police car (T05002), farm playset (T05001), and police station (T0500). Consumers should immediately discard the toy and contact International Playthings by phone at (800) 445-8347 or by e-mail at for a replacement toy.