Amusement parks are one of the most anticipated recreation spots for families. With rollercoasters giving an adrenaline rush to whimsical rides that take you to adolescence, everyone loves to go to amusement parks. However, sometimes these parks can be a total nightmare when accidents take place. One such incident took place on December 13th of last year where a mother, along with three kids, got injured in a rollercoaster accident.

According to reports, the last car of the rollercoaster in Aigio’s amusement park, derailed for unknown reasons. The last car of the rollercoaster contained four people – all related to each other. What’s worse is that no one claimed the responsibility of the rollercoaster accident. This is something for which one must have to have an amusement park ride lawyer. Upon asking the facility owner, the person blamed ‘evil eye’ for such incident to happen.

The mother and her three children were immediately taken to the hospital for medical examinations. As per the reports, the mother was aged 39 years old who trapped in the car after the incident happened. She had to be rescued by the fire service. The mother suffered from bruises and broken bones. The three children included two boys aged 12 and 5 and a four-year-old girl that suffered fewer injuries. The 39-year old mom reported that the rollercoaster was moving faster than usual. “It did two rounds, then it moved faster,” she continued.

The reason why there is a need for an amusement park ride lawyer is that the facility owner did not have authorization by the municipality to operate the rollercoaster, as reported by local media. The facility owner defended himself by saying that it takes months to take permission.

A lawyer will help you get your basic rights in such cases of negligence. Thus far, the police department has arrested the rollercoaster operator, aged 38, and the facility owner, aged 34, for further investigations.