Lead in Chinese Jewelry for Kids

We have an alert to tell you about. An investigation is underway by U.S product safety officials following a disclosure that links a toxic substance to children’s jewelry imported from China. The investigation comes about following an article by the Associated Press which tested and documented how some Chinese Manufacturers replaced cadmium for lead in cheap charm bracelets and pendants being sold throughout the United States.

As a known carcinogen, Cadmium like lead, can hinder brain development in young children and now the feds are promising to remedy the situation in a very swift manner.

Unfortunately, the risk to children is dangerous, especially since they don’t even have to swallow an item to be exposed. Babies and toddlers can get persistent, low-level doses by regularly sucking or biting jewelry with a high cadmium content.

The Associated Press investigation showed that some of the most troubling test results were for bracelet charms sold at Walmart, at the jewelry chain Claire’s and at a dollar store. High amounts of cadmium also were detected in “The Princess and The Frog” movie-themed pendants.

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