Jogging Strollers Recalled: Strangulation hazard

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued yet another child product recall because of a strangulation hazard. This time, it involves two different brands of jogging strollers and thousands of units are affected.

The first type is sold under the name of Valco Baby and as many as 12,000 Tri Mode Single and Twin Jogging Strollers are being recalled. The strollers were made in China and imported by Unique Baby Products USA LCC.

The problem stems from an opening near the grab bar and the bottom of the seat. This opening can actually cause a babyís body to maneuver through this area and get stuck at the neck by the grab bar. This of course can lead to possible strangulation, if the child is not properly secured.

Although no injuries have been reported, parents and caregivers are being urged to remove the grab bar from the unit. Parents can also get a new grab bar by contacting Valco Baby of Brooklyn, NY.

The other jogging stroller recall involves 800 units of Tike Tech Strollers. Again, the company, along with the CPSC says the products are being recalled because of the chance of strangulation.

The specific product is Tike Tech Single City X3 and X3 Sport Jogging Strollers. The strollers were made in China, but sold through Tike Tech Ltd., of Toronto, Ontario.

The strollers were sold in various children retailers across the country, including  HYPERLINK “” from October 2009 and February 2010 and cost about $300.

Again, anyone who purchased this product should remove the grab bar from the stroller right away and call Tike Tech to receive a free replacement grab bar.

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