Infant and Toddler Hammocks Recalled

Over the past few months, I've been blogging about various examples of recalled children's products–everything from cereal and cribs to strollers and toy jewelry. Today, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued yet another recall involving a product, specifically designed for children. This time it's baby Hammocks from a company called Mama Little Helper, based out of Frisco, Texas.

The infant and toddler hammocks were made in Malaysia and as many as 500 units have been voluntarily recalled. At issue is what CPSC and company officials describe at side-to-side shifting or moving of the hammock. This can actually cause the infant to roll and become stuck or wedged against the hammock's fabric and/or mattress pad, possibly causing the baby to suffocate.

So far the company knows of three incidents where the hammock has become unbalanced. In fact, an infant rolled to the side of corner of the hammock. That baby was discovered face down and crying. Thankfully no injuries have been reported.

The baby hammocks were sold exclusively online at from May 2008 through February 2010 and retailed for between $100 and $230 each. Consumers should look for model numbers 1010, 1020 and BL222.

Precautions for Parents and Caregivers

It should be noted that it is against the law to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

Legal Assistance

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