Drop Side Cribs Are Now Illegal to Sell or Manufacture

We have important information to tell you about regarding drop-side cribs. Starting June 28, 2011, these types of cribs will no longer be able to be sold or made in America. This goes for not only retail stores, but also second-hand and thrift stores. Non-drop side cribs will also have to observe new and more stringent safety standards.

Drop side cribs have come under major scrutiny over the years because of problems associated with their design. Experts contend that the plastic hardware can break and easily be installed upside down. These issues can then lead to serious issues such as the drop-side part to detaching and separating. This in turn can cause serious and potentially deadly problems for infants and toddlers since they can become trapped between the mattress and the space that is created. This can lead to suffocation.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is aware of at least 32 infants who have died since 2002 as a result of becoming trapped in a drop-side crib. Childcare centers and public lodging facilties have until December 28, 2012, in order to replace existing cribs with cribs that meet the new federal safety standards.

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