Florida Child Loses Foot in Lawn Mowing Accident

A Florida child is likely to lose his foot following injuries that were sustained in a lawnmower accident.

The boys grandfather was operating the lawnmower at the time of the accident.  Reports are early, but for some reason the child was ran over with the blade.  The grandfather put thefoot in a bag in hopes that the foot would be able to be reattached. It is not clear right now if the foot can be attached or not.

It is estimated that over 9,000 child injuries occur every year because of lawnmowers.  Some lawnmowers may lack the proper safety features that would help prevent an accident such as this one.

Child injuries are very serious and can leave a parent feeling helpless.  If your child has been injured in an accident,  please contact the child injury attorney Jeffrey Killino at 877-875-2927 to learn how he can help.