Potential Dangers of Electronic Toothbrushes

We have some important information to tell you about regarding the safety of electronic toothbrushes and children.

A Florida mother was monitoring her 3-year-old daughter as she brushed her teeth with a battery –operated electronic toothbrush.  She noticed the little girl was clearly irritated by something. It turns out a small pin out popped out the main body of the toothbrush and had scraped the girl’s gums and teeth.

A trip to the dentist confirmed these minor injuries, but what scared the mother the most was the potential for a much more serious situation.

The mother was concerned because of other possible hazards and injuries that could have occurred, such as swallowing the pin or choking on it or another part of the mechanism.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has received about 15 complaints regarding malfunctioning electronic toothbrushes.

The particular brand in question was the Barbie battery-operated Spin Toothbrush.

If your child or a child you know has had a problem with a defective or malfunctioning electronic toothbrush, The Killino Firm wants to know about it.

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