CPSC Bans Drop-Side Cribs

We have important news regarding drop-side cribs. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has banned the production and sale of these products in the United States. The ban will actually go into effect by June of 2011.
The CPSC voted to do away with drop-side cribs because of dozens of infant deaths and numerous recalls of the products. In the last three years, as many as 36 infants have died because of structural and design problems associated with the cribs. The drop-side cribs have sliding sides, which make it easier to lift infants and babies out of the crib. However, the drop-side rail can malfunction and actually detach. This creates a gap which a child can fall into and become caught and possibly suffocate or strangle.
CPSC officials say the new law enforces much tougher crib mattress standards as well stronger safety testing.
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