Children Being Left in Hot Cars

Summer has just begun and already we are experiencing sweltering temperatures. For many people this is simply the best time of year, especially for kids, but as the vacation seasons begins, it’s important to remember that children can be put at risk by being left behind or trapped in a hot car.

Parents just don’t realize that the family car, or SUV can actually serve as what experts call a hidden danger. The statistics are staggering; since 1998, more than 450 kids have died after being left behind in a car. And so far this year, we’ve lost 17 children, all because they were either playing, and somehow got locked in a car or because their parents simply forgot to take them out of the family vehicle.

Research from the National SAFE KIDS campaign shows that more than 20 kids die every year all because they were left in a hot car.

Over the years the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also compiled frightening stories of children being left in cars. One involved a 6 month old whose parents inadvertently left the infant in a sweltering car for as many as 3 hours. Temperatures rose well above 100 degrees and the baby died.

The reasons children die in hot cars is because when temperatures reach above 90 degrees, heat exhaustion can occur, which can lead to heat stroke.

To keep your kids safe, parents and caregivers should remember certain tips no matter how busy they are:

  • First and foremost, avoid leaving a child alone in a car.
  • As a precaution, make sure you check that all children are out of the vehicle when your reach the end of your trip.
  • Make sure your car is locked so curious or bored children can’t climb in, thinking it’s another place to play.
  • Install a trunk release mechanism.

Some argue that more children are being left in hot cars, because of the installation of airbags. Because of this, parents can no longer place their children in the front seat. Whether or not this is the case, it is important to be mindful of who is traveling with you in your car.

Attorney Jeffrey Killino’s focus is on keeping kids safe and knows child injuries are very serious and can leave a parent feeling helpless. If your child was injured or died as a result of being left in a hot car, through no fault of your own, please contact child injury attorney Jeffrey Killino at 877-875-2927 today to discuss your legal rights.