Children’s Bracelets Recalled

We have another consumer alert to tell you about concerning a children’s product. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has just announced that Children's Bracelets are being recalled by Chandigarh Fashion Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard. This is a voluntary recall in cooperation with the CPSC. The name of the product is Children’s Bangles and as many as 1,200 units have been recalled.

The problem centers on the surface of the bracelets.  Apparently they contain high levels of lead, which violate the lead paint  standard.  The bracelets were sold in packets of 24. They are gold with stripes of various colors including red, maroon, black orange or green.

They were manufactured in India and imported by Chandigarh Fashion, Inc.

No incidents or injuries have been reported, but it is advised that the bracelets not be worn and be taken back to the store where purchased where a full refund can be given.

The products were sold at : Chandigarh Fashion stores in Flushing, N.Y. and Sonia Selections stores in Chicago, Ill. from May 2007 through August 2008 for about $2.

Parents, grandparents and anyone buying gifts for children must be diligent in choosing, safe toys for children. This can be accomplished by first doing some research on the toys you plan on buying to make sure they don’t pose a risk.

Attorney Jeffrey Killino’s focus is on keeping kids safe. He is no stranger to toxic toys. In 2007, he filed a class action lawsuit to compel Mattel to provide free testing of all children who played with lead toys.

Child injuries have the potential to be very serious and can leave a parent feeling helpless. If you believe your child has health problems associated with lead-based toys or other dangerous chemicals found in children’s products, please contact child injury attorney Jeffrey Killino at 877-875-2927 today.