Carousels may cause the most Amusement Park Accidents in summertime

Hersheypark is the home of Skyrush, the fastest and tallest rollercoaster on the whole park, reaching speeds up to 75mph at a height of approximately 200ft with a climbing angle of 90 degrees and a dropping angle of 97 degrees. On the Dorney Park’s Steel Force ride, passengers ride through drops and spins reaching at 75mph.

But if roller coasters scare you and you have a preference for softer rides, you might want to think twice and reconsider. Clinical Pediatrics found that the gentler rides found in amusement parks are sometimes the most hazardous for kids. Emergency records show that roller coasters only make up 10 percent of all injuries in children, whereas bumper cars represent 4 percent. However, carousels account for an astounding figure of 20.9 percent, falling being the most common kind of accident.

According to the study, from the year 1990 to the year 2010, approximately 92,885 children were treated in hospital emergency rooms due to injuries that occurred in amusement park rides, all these kids were under the age of 17. This figure represents an average of 4423 injuries per year. The most common injured body regions were the head and the neck regions, which accounted for 28 percent. Soft tissue injury was the most common type and it accounted for 29 percent. The most frequent cause for these injuries ranged between falling in or off the ride to falling against it, accounting for 31.7 percent. However, only a small figure of 1.5 percent of these injuries followed in hospitalization.

Researches from Clinical Pediatrics stated that the safety of amusement rides for children must be improved to prevent falls.

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