In November 2017, a tragic incident was reported where a boy was killed in car accident. According to the reports that emerged, it happened due to the negligence of Los Angeles County sheriff. The sheriff was driving a sports utility vehicle, who was said to be busy responding to a radio call of a shooting scene. This is when the fatal crash occurred as the sheriff’s patrol smashed into a car and jumped the sidewalk. As it was a busy intersection, the patrol hit pedestrians on the sidewalk that resulted in the killing two young boys.

Ever since the fatal crash, because of which, a boy was killed in car accident, many questions were raised about how fast the sheriff was driving at the busy intersection and if the siren and emergency lights were turned on at that time. The investigation is still ongoing, but authorities have provided more details that show how negligence of one sheriff took lives of a couple of boys. Chris Rodriguez, who is the LAPD Detective, said in a statement that the patrol had its emergency lights on and was driving at the speed of 25 mph or lower. However, “No audible sounds were made by the emergency equipment of the police car,” he added.

An eyewitness confirmed the details about this deadly scene where it was reported that the Sheriff was speeding south on Indiana street before the fatal crash occurred. In addition to this, there were no sirens or emergency lights turned on.

This is somewhere you would need a child accident attorney to assist you and get you justice. A seven and nine-year-old boys passed away unexpectedly. Such instances can happen that may change your life forever. An official who is on duty also has to abide by the rules and regulations of the local and federal government – thus, raise your voice against such negligence. A child accident attorney can help you get what you deserve – JUSTICE!