Amby Baby Motion Beds

Just a few weeks ago, I blogged about the biggest recall in U.S. history involving cribs. Now comes word from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of yet another potentially dangerous children’s product being recalled. This time it’s a baby hammock. The name of the product in question is Amby Baby Motion Beds. At issue is a possible suffocation problem.

The hammocks were manufactured by Amby Baby USA, out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and now as many as 24,000 units are now being voluntarily recalled. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

The problem with the baby hammocks stems from the side to side shifting of the hammock. This can cause the infant to roll and become entrapped or wedged against the hammock’s fabric and or mattress pad, which could possibly lead to suffocation. Amby Baby is aware of two infant suffocation deaths this year.

The Amby Baby Motion Bed consists of a steel frame and a fabric hammock which are connected by a large spring and metal crossbar. There is only one model of the hammock available which can be identified by a label sewn onto the hammock stating: “Amby – Babies Love It, Naturally.”

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