A Twin Dream: Twins Player meets Twins with Cerebral Palsy

MINNEAPOLIS (KARE) — Twins fans come in all shapes and sizes.

In this case, little Braden and Dathan Miller are twins themselves!

Born just a minute apart, the five-year-olds came with some surprises of their own. ‘It was a shock. We weren’t expecting that at all,” Tina Miller, their mother, when asked about the twin’s birth.

However, their birth was not the only surprise they would bring.

Braden and Dathan Miller have been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy before they were only one and a half years old.

Cerebral Palsy is a physical disability that causes movement difficulties and muscle stiffness. Both of the twins were slow to develop physically due to this illness.

“You can never prepare for something like this. Never be fully ready for it but you do what you can,” said Tina Miller .

Although diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, the twins are still in high spirits. They have a love for baseball more than ever.

“They’re my favorite team,” said Dathan Miller.

The family moved from Iowa to Minneapolis. Here, the twins went to Gillette Childrens for treatment. Cerebral Palsy cannot be cured, but through methods of medication and physiotherapy the Braden and Dathan are able to have a chance.

Recently, the twins received surgery on their legs. This gave them more control of their bodies. After the surgery, Braden and Dathan have gained the ability to run. At a chalk drawn diamond in the driveway, the twins run through the bases like their idol team. Nothing will stop the twins from reaching their dream, https://ryderclinic.com/klonopin-clonazepam/.

“They may never be able to play baseball because of their cerebral palsy but that’s kind of the next best thing. So, it’s a lot of fun for them to run around the bases and they pretend to slide into home base and hit a home run and everything that goes along with it,”, their mother said.

And their dream came true. Last Wednesday, Braden and Dathan along with their peers, were able to meet the Twins star catcher Joe Mauer.

This is only a start for the twins.

Their lives may have it’s surprises, but they do not let their Cerebral Palsy stop them. With more physical therapy and their exercise at home, they will not stop until their dream is met.

Who knows what the future holds for these future baseball stars? Perhaps they will run the bases at Target Field just like their idols.

Children like Braden and Dathan Miller face what seem to be impossible challenges as a result of cerebral palsy. Just as Braden and Dathan Miller are triumphing with their condition, your child may be suffering from the symptoms of cerebral palsy as the result of a birth injury or medical errors. If you feel your child was injured and has cerebral palsy as a result, or would like to speak to an attorney about your rights, contact the attorneys at the Child Injury Firm today.