February Recall and Product Notices

As the month of February comes to an end, we have a number of recalls and product notices to make you aware of.

As of Feb. 28, 2013, manufacturers of play yards for infants and toddlers will be held to a higher federal safety standard. The rules are one of many new additions to the list of child safety standards for play yards. The rules were passed in part as “Danny’s Law,” or the Danny Keysar Child Product Safety Notification Act. The bill’s namesake, Danny Keysar, was killed in 1998 when the play yard he was in collapsed on him while napping, suffocating him.

The new safety rules require that play yards have the following features, in addition to the common fabric or mesh sides, floor, and covered frame:

  1. Strong corner brackets. These are intended to prevent cracks in the brackets with sharp edges that could injure a child, and to prevent the side rails of the play yard from collapsing and potentially trapping a child.
  2. Side rails that fold down into a shape other than a “V.” This will prevent a child being accidentally strangled if the unit were to fold while an infant or toddler was inside.
  3. Sturdier connections between the mattress and the play yard. This will prevent injury or even death caused from a child being trapped or suffocated as a result of a loose mattress.

The new rules extend beyond the play yard to include baby walkers, children’s bed rails, cribs, baby bath seats, toddler beds, and infant swings. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is actively issuing new standards of safety for these products in line with Danny’s Law in hopes that the effort will diminish risk for suffocation, severe, injury, or death.

In order to protect your child while playing in a play yard, the CPSC recommends that it be devoid of all pillows and quilts to reduce the risk of suffocation, a common cause of death in products such as these.

Mutsy USA recalls EVO Stroller
Along a similar line, Netherlands based manufacturer Mutsy BV and its importer, Mutsy USA Inc., have voluntarily recalled the EVO stroller due to increased strangulation risk.

According to the recall, there is an opening between the seat bottom and the grab bar on the stroller that is just large enough for an infant’s head to become lodged between the two pieces. The neck can be trapped, causing strangulation and at worst, death, if a child is not securely strapped into the unit. No incidents or injuries have been reported yet.

Approximately 340 recalled units were sold at stores nationwide and online at www.amazon.com from April to December 2012. The product sold for around $400. The following model numbers are including the recall:

  • MT12-03
  • MT12-11
  • MT12-14
  • MT12-31
  • MT12-34
  • MT12-37
  • MT12-39
  • MT12-42
  • MT12-43
  • MT12-48

If you have one of the recalled models listed above, the CPSC recommends that you discontinue use of the product immediately, and contact the importer for a free seat and grab bar to replace the defective unit. Contact information is given below:

Mutsy USA
Phone: (877) 546-9230 (8am-4pm ET Mon-Fri)
E-mail: usa@mutsy.nl
Web: www.mutsy.com

If your child has been injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to receive damages for your medical, financial, and emotional hardships. Contact child injury lawyer Jeffrey Killino to receive a free case evaluation today.