Summary of 2010 child product recalls

There were quite a number of recalls in 2010 and this post serves not only as a summary of the bigger child product recalls but also as a reminder for parents and caregivers to be on the lookout for potentially dangerous products.

In 2010, we had major child product recalls on everything from children’s drugs and drop-side cribs to sleep positioners, strollers and toys.

In January, Dorel Asia recalled more than 600,000 drop-side cribs because of suffocation and strangulation hazards to babies. The overall problem with this type of crib is that the hardware can fail causing the drop-side to detach. This poses a serious risk because an infant can fall and get caught between the drop-side and the mattress. As recently as this month, Bassett Furniture recalled as many as 90,000 bassettbaby drop-side cribs for the same reason.

These recalls have prompted a call to completely ban drop-side cribs because of the potential danger they pose.

There were also multiple toys recalled including ones from big companies such as Fisher-Price. In September, the company announced a major recall involving as many as 10 miilion products. The toys were recalled for various reasons including infant toys with inflatable balls that pose a choking hazard. The recall also included numerous high chairs.

This year moms and dads were also told to stop using certain medications including Children’s Tylenol products. Items such as Tylenol Infant Drop and Motrin infant drops as well as dozens of other medications were recalled because of quality standard issues.

2010 also saw a recall involving a product known as sleep positioners. The alert was issued in September after the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Food and Drug Administration received a dozen reports of children who had died using this type of product since 1997. The problem has to do with infants who became trapped between the sleep positioner and the side of the crib or bassinet.

Many gifts for children and parents are bought at this time of year, so it’s important for everyone to be cognizant of what potential dangers are out there, to be on the lookout for defective products and to be educated about products being given to children.

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