Millions of Boppy Baby Loungers Recalled After 8 Infant Deaths

The Boppy Company has recalled millions of Boppy baby loungers after the popular pillows were linked to eight infant deaths. According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), the soft, padded loungers could cause a baby to suffocate and are simply too dangerous to remain on the market any longer. The Killino Firm’s Defective […]

Zen Magnets, Neoballs High-Powered Magnet Toys Can Kill Kids If Swallowed

After years of controversy, federal regulators have finally announced a rare mandatory recall for Zen Magnets and Neoballs. These high-powered magnet toys have been linked to severe injury and death when swallowed by children, including toddlers and teenagers. The Killino Firm’s Child Injury Lawyers believe the victims of defective toys and other dangerous products are entitled to […]

Mermaid Bathing Suits Look Adorable. But is Monofin Swimwear Safe for Your Child?

Monofin bathing suits with fish or mermaid tailsare all the rage right now, especially among toddlers, preschoolers, and grade school-aged kids. But while these swimsuits are adorable, recent reports of near-drownings suggest mermaid tail bathing suits and similar products are putting children at risk, even those who’ve learned how to swim. And while mermaid fin […]

Defective Baby Product Warning: Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Glide Soother Recalled After 4 Infant Deaths

At first glance, the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Glide Soother might appear ideal for calming your crying baby. Unfortunately, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the cozy little glider is actually a death trap that has already claimed four young lives. Our Defective Infant Sleeper Lawyers have a record of success representing the victims of dangerous […]

Backyard and Garden Drowning Hazards Go Well Beyond Swimming Pools

Child drownings remain a serious problem throughout the United States. And while swimming pools and hot tubs are responsible for a significant portion of these tragedies, kids can drown anywhere there’s water. In fact, garden fountains, koi ponds, retention ponds, canals, planter pots, and large buckets are just some of the less obvious drowning hazards […]

Recent Infant Teether Recalls Highlight Teething Product Risks

From infant teethers and teething rings to homeopathic teething tablets, and over-the-counter benzocaine gels, dozens of products promise to take the discomfort out of teething. But no matter how effectively these remedies soothe aching gums, they aren’t without risks – especially if they’re defective or contain toxic ingredients that could harm a child. The Killino […]

FDA to Urge New Limits After Alarming Reports of Toxic Heavy Metals in Baby Food

Parents should be able to trust that the foods they purchase for infants and toddlers are safe and healthy. Unfortunately, two alarming reports recently raised concern that significant levels of toxic heavy metals in some popular baby food products could be putting kids at risk. The Killino Firm’s highly experienced Child Poisoning Lawyers have extensive […]

Booster Dining Seats Have Injured Hundreds of Kids, Sometimes Fatally

Booster dining seats and other baby feeding seats for use at home and in restaurants are supposed to make mealtimes more enjoyable for both parents and their children. Unfortunately, an attachable feeding booster seat or baby countertop seat may not be the best option for your little one, especially if it’s defectively designed or manufactured […]

Kids and Bunk Beds: What Are the Risks?

Kids and Bunk Beds: What Are the Risks? It’s no secret that children love bunk beds. Not only are bunk beds great space savers, but they also offer an element of privacy when siblings must share a room. What could be better for a kid than the ability to climb into their own “private” space […]

Be on the Lookout for Dangerous Toys this Holiday Season

With the holiday shopping season finally upon us, millions are searching for the perfect toy for that special child in their lives. But did you know that toy-related injuries send about 240,000 children in the United States to the emergency room every year? Sadly, there is danger lurking in the toy aisle. To make more […]