FDA to Urge New Limits After Alarming Reports of Toxic Heavy Metals in Baby Food

Parents should be able to trust that the foods they purchase for infants and toddlers are safe and healthy. Unfortunately, two alarming reports recently raised concern that significant levels of toxic heavy metals in some popular baby food products could be putting kids at risk. The Killino Firm’s highly experienced Child Poisoning Lawyers have extensive […]

Booster Dining Seats Have Injured Hundreds of Kids, Sometimes Fatally

Booster dining seats and other baby feeding seats for use at home and in restaurants are supposed to make mealtimes more enjoyable for both parents and their children. Unfortunately, an attachable feeding booster seat or baby countertop seat may not be the best option for your little one, especially if it’s defectively designed or manufactured […]

Kids and Bunk Beds: What Are the Risks?

Kids and Bunk Beds: What Are the Risks? It’s no secret that children love bunk beds. Not only are bunk beds great space savers, but they also offer an element of privacy when siblings must share a room. What could be better for a kid than the ability to climb into their own “private” space […]

Be on the Lookout for Dangerous Toys this Holiday Season

With the holiday shopping season finally upon us, millions are searching for the perfect toy for that special child in their lives. But did you know that toy-related injuries send about 240,000 children in the United States to the emergency room every year? Sadly, there is danger lurking in the toy aisle. To make more […]

Jakks Pacific Recalls Morfboard Skate & Scoot Combo Scooters for Fall Hazard

If your child enjoys riding a Morfboard Skate & Scoot Combo scooter sold by Jakks Pacific, please check to make sure their scooter isn’t among more than 162,000 recently recalled for a potential fall hazard. The Killino Firm’s Child Injury Lawyers believe the victims of recalled products and preventable accidents are entitled to compensation for their pain […]

Hammock Dangers: What Parents Need to Know to Keep Kids Safe

From the backyard to the nursery, hammocks seem to be everywhere these days. Whether you’re looking for a sure-fire way to lull a baby to sleep, a comfortable spot for an afternoon nap on a warm summer day, or a convenient means of storing children’s toys, there’s a hammock that’ll fit the bill. But while […]

Baby Slings, Carriers, Wraps, and Backpacks: How Safe is Babywearing?

Many parents consider a baby sling, carrier, wrap, or backpack a practical way to transport their infant whenever they wish to keep their hands free for other tasks. But while “babywearing” offers certain benefits to both caregiver and child, it’s essential to understand that these types of carriers aren’t without risks. For example, infants may […]

Bicycle-Towed Child Trailers and Bike-Mounted Seats: What are Their Hazards and Risks?

Millions of families take to bike paths every summer to enjoy some exercise and fresh air with small children in tow. But because these little ones can’t be expected to navigate a bike on their own, they’ll take in the scenery from bicycle-towed child trailers, bike-mounted seats, trailer bikes, and other child carriers. Unfortunately, these […]

Ryan’s Mystery Playdate Surprise Door: Small Coins May Pose a Choking Hazard

Has your son or daughter choked on one of the small “hint coins” included with a toy called Ryan’s Mystery Playdate Surprise Door? Nationally recognized Child injury Lawyer Jeff Killino has received several recent reports of children choking after placing hint coins in their mouths. He is actively investigating these cases and would like to […]

Unstable Dressers: A Potential Deadly Danger

Modus Furniture Recalls Unstable Dressers for Tip-Over and Entrapment Hazards Modus Furniture of Los Angeles, California, has recalled hundreds of unstable nine-drawer dressers because of tip-over and entrapment hazards that could cause the injury or death of a child. Our Child Injury Lawyers have successfully represented the victims of recalled and defective products, earning national recognition for […]