Amusement parks are one of the most anticipated recreation spots for families. With rollercoasters giving an adrenaline rush to whimsical rides that take you to adolescence, everyone loves to go to amusement parks. However, sometimes these parks can be a total nightmare when accidents take place. One such incident took place on December 13th of […]


In November 2017, a tragic incident was reported where a boy was killed in car accident. According to the reports that emerged, it happened due to the negligence of Los Angeles County sheriff. The sheriff was driving a sports utility vehicle, who was said to be busy responding to a radio call of a shooting […]

Who Can Be Held Responsible When Children Are Injured or Killed in School-bus Accidents?

Every year, millions of parents across the United States place their children’s lives and safety in the hands of school-bus drivers. Yet, approximately 17,000 children, on average, are injured or killed in school-bus accidents every year, according to some statistics. While many school-bus-related injuries are sustained in non-crash incidents, many are sustained in crashes caused […]

Tragic School Bus Crash Leaves 2 Young Children and One Adult Dead, 27 Injured

Tuesday, December 2, 2014, had been a school day like any other for the young children of East Knoxville, Tennessee’s Sunnyview Primary and Chilhowee Intermediate Schools. The children were being transported home on that rainy afternoon in their respective school buses—one carrying kindergarten through second-grade children from Sunnyview Primary and the other, third- through fifth-grade […]

Carousels may cause the most Amusement Park Accidents in summertime

Hersheypark is the home of Skyrush, the fastest and tallest rollercoaster on the whole park, reaching speeds up to 75mph at a height of approximately 200ft with a climbing angle of 90 degrees and a dropping angle of 97 degrees. On the Dorney Park’s Steel Force ride, passengers ride through drops and spins reaching at […]

Avoiding swimming pool accidents for your children

Summer pool season is upon us.  A midst the fun, though, we should remain mindful that the pool can be a dangerous area and must be treated with proper respect and precaution. What can a consumer do to protect his children on a swimming outing? The very first step to water safety is becoming informed […]

Keep your kids safe from swimming pool accidents this summer

As the weather gets warmer, pool season begins to kick into full-swing.  Although usually an enjoyable, family experience, officials nationwide are warning pool-goers to be cautious as children across the country have already suffered injury and death on the water. In Las Vegas, two teenagers were taken to the hospital from swimming pool-related injuries.  An […]

School bus crashing into a highway barrier, 42 injured

A truck driver present on the scene recorded the bus, carrying students and staff from Waggener High School in Louisville, crashing into the divider on I-64 in Kentucky. WKYT reports that the bus crossed three lanes of traffic before hitting the divider.  A blown tire is thought to have caused the bus to sharply swerve, […]

The Real Dangers of Amusement Parks

Do you intend to take your children to the amusement park this season? You may have to rethink the safety of your choice. Recent research suggests that amusement parks, a perennial summer favorite for safe thrills, may actually be significantly more dangerous than consumers originally thought. In one of the first studies of its kind, […]

Summer months see early increase in amusement park accidents and injuries

Although most children are still getting used to the lazy days of summer, accidents have begun to pop up throughout the United States as a result of rides malfunctioning at amusement parks. In late May, a 5-year old boy suffered a concussion at an amusement park in southwestern Iowa. According to a news release, the […]