Mermaid Bathing Suits Look Adorable. But is Monofin Swimwear Safe for Your Child?

Monofin bathing suits with fish or mermaid tailsare all the rage right now, especially among toddlers, preschoolers, and grade school-aged kids. But while these swimsuits are adorable, recent reports of near-drownings suggest mermaid tail bathing suits and similar products are putting children at risk, even those who’ve learned how to swim. And while mermaid fin […]

Backyard and Garden Drowning Hazards Go Well Beyond Swimming Pools

Child drownings remain a serious problem throughout the United States. And while swimming pools and hot tubs are responsible for a significant portion of these tragedies, kids can drown anywhere there’s water. In fact, garden fountains, koi ponds, retention ponds, canals, planter pots, and large buckets are just some of the less obvious drowning hazards […]

Jakks Pacific Recalls Morfboard Skate & Scoot Combo Scooters for Fall Hazard

If your child enjoys riding a Morfboard Skate & Scoot Combo scooter sold by Jakks Pacific, please check to make sure their scooter isn’t among more than 162,000 recently recalled for a potential fall hazard. The Killino Firm’s Child Injury Lawyers believe the victims of recalled products and preventable accidents are entitled to compensation for their pain […]

Kids are Falling from Windows and Balconies, Often with Tragic Consequences

Every year, thousands of children fall from windows and balconies at homes, apartment buildings, high-rise condominiums, and hotels, often with tragic or fatal consequences. In far too many of these cases, severe injury and wrongful death could have been prevented by something as simple as a window guard or a better-designed balcony railing. Our Child Injury […]

Child Drownings Spike Across United States

With coronavirus forcing thousands of families to cancel summer vacations, swimming pool sales are surging as Americans look to their backyards for some socially distant fun. But with child drownings steadily trending upwards across the United States, safety experts are worried these aquatic staycations could turn tragic for far too many kids this year. Our […]

Child Bathroom Drowning Injury – from Tub to Toilet

Besides scrubbing behind the ears, bathtime is supposed to be fun time. But the bathroom can turn into a danger zone so quickly.  Tragically, an average of 87 children under the age of five drown at home each year and 80 percent of those deaths happen in a bathtub, reports the Consumer Product Safety commission […]

Bubble Soccer or Concussion Balls?

Bubble Soccer has likely come to a park near you: players are encased in large plastic balls with their legs exposed, allowing them to move their legs freely. It’s a bit like Zorbing, a wildly popular activity that  people enjoy worldwide: they step into a large plastic ball and roll down from top of a […]


Amusement parks are one of the most anticipated recreation spots for families. With rollercoasters giving an adrenaline rush to whimsical rides that take you to adolescence, everyone loves to go to amusement parks. However, sometimes these parks can be a total nightmare when accidents take place. One such incident took place on December 13th of […]


In November 2017, a tragic incident was reported where a boy was killed in car accident. According to the reports that emerged, it happened due to the negligence of Los Angeles County sheriff. The sheriff was driving a sports utility vehicle, who was said to be busy responding to a radio call of a shooting […]

Who Can Be Held Responsible When Children Are Injured or Killed in School-bus Accidents?

Every year, millions of parents across the United States place their children’s lives and safety in the hands of school-bus drivers. Yet, approximately 17,000 children, on average, are injured or killed in school-bus accidents every year, according to some statistics. While many school-bus-related injuries are sustained in non-crash incidents, many are sustained in crashes caused […]